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Correctly use the method of wearing disposable sanitary masks!

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Correct use of disposable sanitary masks:

Correctly use the method of wearing disposable sanitary masks!(图1)

How to wear a mask

1. The mask has two sides, white and blue, with the white side facing inward, and the white side is aseptically processed.

2. The blue side should be close to our face. The picture above is wrong. Many people wear it like this. The blue side has not been treated aseptically.

3. Pull up the upper edge of the mask to cover the mouth and nose. The two upper straps are pulled behind the ears and fastened on the head. They cannot be tied to the ears.

4. Use the index fingers of both hands to press the metal wire on the upper nose of the mask to make it close to the skin of the nose, and then gradually move the index finger to the sides, so that the entire mask is close to the facial skin.

5. After taking off the mask, put it in tape or paper bag and put it in a covered trash can for disposal, and wash your hands in time; do not reuse disposable masks.

Precautions for wearing disposable masks:

(1). Hand hygiene first

(2). Cover the mouth, nose, and chin

(3). Fix the nose clip according to the bridge of the nose

(4). Tighten the straps at the ears

(5). Pay attention to the tightness of the four sides

(6). Adjust comfort

Precautions for taking off the mask:

(1). Hand hygiene first

(2). Untie the ear straps first

(3). Grasp the strap to remove the opening cover from the face to avoid frontal contact

(4). Discarded in a special dirt bucket

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